Welcome Back Protocol

Stop the spread of Covid-19 at the Top House!

Thank You for all the Support!

┬áCovid-19 has changed our idea of “Normal” and the Top House has adapted to the changes. We have taken some steps to help protect our staff and customers from Covid-19.

Our table numbers lowered and our seating layout has been changed to allow you to dine comfortably and also allow them to socially distance from others.

Staff at the Top House have always held cleanliness and safety high. Because of Covid-19, we have re-evaluated our procedures and updated them so our customers can have confidence and trust when they are in our restaurant. Our staff have been trained on frequent cleaning high trafficked and touch surfaces.

Please Wear a Face Covering

When away from your table please wear a mask to protect yourself and others from Covid-19.

Cover Mouth when Sneezing/

Using a tissue or the crook of your elbow, cover your face. Dispose of Tissue or sanitize your hands afterwards

Wash / Santize Your Hands

Please use the sanitizing stations provided onsite to stop the spread of Covid

Practice Social Distancing

Stay 2ft away from anyone outside your household to avoid the spread of Covid

Avoid Touching Your Face

Sanitize your hands before touching your eyes or mouth to avoid Covid

Face coverings are no longer mandatory, however, please be respectful and follow the current Covid-19 recommendations to ensure everyone's health and safety!